MPWL0012 - Sanitarium No More? - Jayde vs Nightshade - Grudge Match

This one has been brewing for awhile. At the end of MPWL0007, Jayde was suffering under a postmatch beatdown from the imposing Dominita, but luckily for her, tag partner, Nightshade made the save.

In MPWL0010, Nightshade squared off against Dominita and she too suffered at the hands of the behemoth, Jayde came in but didn't make the save and left a devastated Nightshade to her fate.

Now in our most anticipated match-up yet, the two square off to settle their differences. Although things begin amicably enough as they try to talk it out, things quickly spiral out of control as these two engage in all out war in the ring, outside of the ring, and even if the street.

Nothing is off limits with these two as metal trays, metal walking stick and even metal shutters are used to deliver maximum punishment.

One will reign victorious but regardless of who it is will these two still be tag partners by the end of this hellacious match.

13 Min - £12.99

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