MPWL0006 - Jewells Malone & Lia Latif vs Morgana & Rebel Kinney

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

It's our first ever tag match. Following the events of MPWL0005 Jewells and Lia have joined forces to get revenge on the uneasy alliance of Morgana and MPWL Champion Rebel Kinney.

Lia and Morgana start off for their respective teams, with Lia using her speed and technical moves to keep Morgana off balance. This doesn't last for long as Morgana turns the tables, forcing Lia to tag in Jewells. Morgana tags in Rebel and the two powerhouses square off.

Jewells gets isolated in the opposing teams corner, and is a world of trouble, until Lia runs in and makes the save.

The match descends into chaos with all four women in the ring. The uneasy truce and intense dislike between Morgana and Rebel causes a misstep and Lia captialises with a crossbody from the top ropes.

But is it enough to get the win?

10 minutes £9.99

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