MPWL0005 - Jewells Malone vs Rebel Kinney

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

So far the Canadian, Jewells Malone has defeated Lia Latif and Morgana. This has set her up for a title shot against Rebel Kinney for the MPWL Championship.

They begin with a test of strength and the two women appear evenly matched. It then descends into a donnybrook with postings, chokes on the ropes, headbutts and some

This is a hard hitting contest featuring postings, chokes on the ropes and hard clotheslines.

Just as it looks like one wrestler is ready for the coup de grace, the other reverses it and delivers a thunderous slam for the 1-2-3.

It doesn't end there as the winner celebrates Morgana strikes using a metal stick to hammer her foe. Lia Latif runs in the to make the save and gives Morgana some of her own medicine, running her out of the ring.

Lia helps the dazed winner to her feet, and gets a fallaway slam for her trouble.

12 Minutes - 11.99

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