MPWL0004 - Jewells Malone vs Morgana

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

International visitor, Jewells Malone continues her quest for the coveted MPWL Championship. This time standing in her path is the devious Morgana.

Jewells makes her way to the ring, but there is no sign of her opponent. Thinking that her opponent has chickened out of facing her, she makes her way back to the locker room only to be sneak attacked on the entrance mats.

Morgana learns the error of her ways. Jewells is not known as the Hardcore Princess for nothing. The Canadian enjoys a good war and peppers Morgana with hard shots, dropkicks and then tries to submit the Brit with a camel clutch and a Tarantula.

Morgana battles back using her strength and guile until someone hits a big move and lines up their championship match.

10 minutes £9.99

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